KONEKOWe'll be flying around looking for fun things to do today.



    Today, the energetic koneko goes to various places in the world to see interesting things.


    The koneko is always cheerful and appears in various worlds."koneko" makes many things interested, acting with my own thoughts, and many failures.Because "koneko" is still a kitten.However, "koneko" to make an effort is very lovable.

  • What is koneko

    The koneko is interested.


    好奇心の強いこねこは。興味を持ったものは、次元をとび超えて見に行きます。 新しいものや珍しいものは見てみたいのです。ban8kuの作品の中にもよく遊びにきます。

    This koneko has a strong curiosity. When he is interested in something, he goes to see it, transcending dimensions.He often comes to visit ban8ku's works.

  • What is koneko

    The koneko thinks


    こねこはよく考えます。世の中のほとんどが初めて見るものばかりだからです。 これは何なのか、どうなっているのか。いつも真剣です。 失敗も多いですが見守ってください。だってまだこねこだから。

    I think they're all worried. She learns about a place with a beautiful tree, or a secret hot spring. The koneko learns a lot and grows up a little. Sometimes I even get souvenirs.

  • What is koneko

    coming together


    こねこには、よくいろいろなものが集まってきます。それはとてもうれしいことです。 素敵な木のある場所を教えてもらったり、内緒の温泉を教えてもらったり。 たくさんの事を学んで、こねこは少し成長します。

    Everyone gathers around Koneko. I am very happy about that. She learns about a place with a beautiful tree, or a secret hot spring. The koneko learns many things and grows up a little.

koneko collection

The koneko often comes to visit the NFT world. Please come and check out the delightful kitten.The NFT, which records the koneko condition

All world


Embark on a journey beyond dimensions

こねこは、あらゆるメディアを飛び回り、気になるものを探します。 時には作品の中に潜んでいたり、現実の世界にも表れることも… たくさんの物に出会い、興味を持ち、そしてまた考えます。

koneko travels around all kinds of media, looking for things that interest him. Sometimes they are lurking in his works, and sometimes they appear in the real world... It encounters a lot of things, gets interested in them, and thinks about them again. Sometimes they will pop up beside you, sometimes in your mind.

Do you have a koneko in your heart?


If there is something new, go and see it.
If something is difficult, think about it. Try your hand at something new.
That's when the kitten will appear in your heart.

Is there a cat in such a place?

Animal Crossing
KONEKO Exhibition2020

There was a time when kitten also came to "Animal Crossing". KONEKO Exhibition. Three days after the release of this game, the KONEKO Exhibition was very well received, and many people from all over the world came to visit. Many people from all over the world came to visit us. After that, it was picked up by the media, and many kitten exhibitions were held in different seasons. It was a great success.